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Wire Mesh in UAE

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4th industrial Street, Industrial Area 10Sharjah, UAE 81620
Near Sedana Signal, Industrial Area 2Sharjah, UAE 37752
Products & Services :  Wire Mesh,Hardware
Dubai Industrial CityDubai, UAE 79162
Products & Services : Wire Mesh
P O Mahilong, Ranchi-835103, IndiaInternational835103
Products & Services : Wire Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh

About Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh

A wire mesh is a grid that is made by welding or weaving parallel longitudinal wires to cross wires. There are various kinds of wire mesh such as woven wire mesh, welded wire mesh and knit wire. Woven wire has small openings and is called wire cloth. Woven wire is used as a mesh or screen for windows and doors. Woven wire is available in different sizes to enable to increase the air flow in the room but at the same time keep out small bugs. It is ideal for enclosing a porch or patio. Welded wire mesh on the other hand is suitable for heavy duty applications such as to create barriers or for security in commercial and industrial settings. Welded wire mesh is manufactured by welding together the wires at each cross section. It is a sturdy product that is often used as fencing around houses.

Knit wire is also known as chicken wire, it was primarily introduced as a low cost barrier for livestock, but nowadays knit wire is also used for fencing and is an inexpensive yet durable and highly effective type of fencing. Some of the benefits of using wire mesh are that it is affordable and can be used for a variety of applications. Wire mesh is also available with a galvanized finish which increases its resistance to corrosive elements. Al Aweer in Dubai and SAIF zone in Sharjah are some of the most popular places in UAE to find manufacturers of wire mesh, fencing and related products in UAE.

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