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Tools in UAE

Tools in UAE

Acquire premium engineering marking, measuring, and sharpening hand tools from esteemed suppliers in the UAE. Here's a directory of certified hand tool suppliers delivering top-tier woodworking and builder tools, Screwfix hand tools, and exceptional craft essentials at competitive prices.

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ToolsElectrical TradersBuilding Materials


3M Adhesives and Glues | 3M Safety Equipment and Clothing | ABB Electrical Equipment and Supplies | ABB Electrical Materials | ACRON Paints and Painting Equipments | ADMORE Electrical Equipment and Supplies | ADNOC Lubricants | AFFICO Adhesive Tapes | AFICO Fiberglass Insulation Materials | AL BUSTAN Adhesives | AL BUSTAN Adhesives and Glues | AL FANAR Cable and Wires | AL RAYAN Fire Fighting Equipment | ALUBRIGHT Cleaning Products | ALU BRIGHT Coil Cleaners | AMBERSIL Chemicals and Chemical Products | AQUA Chemicals and Chemical Products | AQUA Swimming Pool Equipment | ARISTON Electrical Materials | ARISTON Water Heaters | ARMSTRONG Safety Equipment and Clothing | ASIAN PAINTS Paints | ASMACO Hardware | ASMACO Hardware Materials | ATLAS Plumbing Materials | ATLAS PVC Pipes | ATLAS COPCO Spare Parts | BARTON Cable Management Systems | BARTON Conduit and Conduit Fittings | BARTON Electrical Equipment and Supplies | BARTON Electrical Materials | BERGER Paints | BEST CHOICE Packaging Materials | BIS Pipes and Pipe Fittings | BISON KIT Adhesives and Glues | BLACK BELT Belts Automotive and Industrial | BOSCH Power Tools | BOSCH Tools | BOSSIL Adhesive Tapes | BRITON Air Conditioning Parts | BRITON Door Closer | BRITON Hardware | BROOER Ceilings and Partitions | BROOR Ceilings and Partitions | CANDAN Welding Equipment and Supplies | CARAVAN Cable Gland and Lugs | CARRIER AC Materials | CARRIER Air Conditioner | CAVIL Sanitary Ware | CELINE Adhesives and Glues | CLARKE Hand Tools | COOPERWELD Welding Equipment and Supplies | COPPER KABLO Cable and Wires | COSMOPLAST Pipes and Pipe Fittings | COSMOPLAST Plumbing Materials | CRANE AC Materials | CRANE Air Conditioning Parts | CRC Cleaning Chemicals | DAVIS Electrical Equipment and Supplies | DD Electrical Conduit and Fittings | DECODUCT Electrical Equipment and Supplies | DECODUCT Electrical Materials | DENFOS Tools | DENFOSS Tools | DENZEL Hand Tools | DEWALT Tools | DORMER Drill Bits | DORMER Tools | DOWSIL Adhesives and Glues | DOWSIL Sealants | DR FIXIT Metal Roof Water Proofing | DUCAB Electrical Equipment and Supplies | DUCAB Electrical Materials | DUCAST Manhole Covers | DUPRO Electrical Equipment and Supplies | DURACELL Batteries | DURACELL Battery | EMIRATES Cement | ENERGIZER Batteries | ENERGIZER Battery | ENFIX Cable Gland and Lugs | ERA Plumbing Materials | ESNCO Led Lighting | ESNCO Lighting Systems | EURO Electric Motors | GAZELLE Hand Tools | GAZELLE Ladders | GEEPAS Tools | GEWISS Electrical Equipment and Supplies | GEWISS Electrical Materials | GIFFEX Electrical Accessories | GIFFEX Electrical Equipment and Supplies | GODREJ Hardware | GODREJ Hardware Materials | GOWEL Electrical Equipment and Supplies | GROHE Plumbing Materials | GYPLYNE Gypsum and Gypsum Products | GYPSEMLINE Gypsum and Gypsum Products | HAGER Electrical Switchgear | HARRIS Paints | HEECO Joinery | HIOKI Measuring and Testing Instruments | HONEYWELL Air Conditioning Parts | HYDROMAX Pipes and Pipe Fittings | INTERPLAST Plumbing Materials | JEMI Kitchen and Hotel Equipment | JOTUN Painting Materials | JOTUN PAINTS Paints and Painting Equipments | JUPITER Fasteners | KARCHER Water Pumps | KIMMCO Insulation Material | KISWEL Welding Equipment and Supplies | KLUDI Sanitary Ware | KNAUF Ceiling & Partition | KNAUF Ceilings | KNAUF Ceilings and Partitions | KNAUF Partitions | KUWES Welding Equipment and Supplies | LEDVANCE Electrical Equipment and Supplies | LEDVANCE Electrical Materials | LEDVANCE L E D Lighting | LEGRAND Electrical Equipment and Supplies | LEGRAND Electrical Materials | MAFRON Air Conditioning Parts | MAKITA Power Tools & Accessories | MAKITA Power Tools and Accessories | MAKITA Tools | MAP Air Conditioning Parts | MAPEI Adhesives and Glues | MAPEI Civil Materials | MAS PAINTS Paints | MAXRON Air Conditioning Parts | MILANO Building Materials | MILANO Hardware Materials | MILANO Sanitary Ware | MK Electrical Equipment and Supplies | MK Electrical Materials | MODI Led Lightings | MODI Lighting Fixtures | MR. BRIGHT Cleaning Products | MTX Hand Tools | NAFFCO Fire Fighting Equipment | NAFFCO Safety Equipment and Clothing | NARKEN Electrical Equipment and Supplies | NATIONAL Painting Materials | NATIONAL PAINT Paints and Painting Equipments | NIKAI Air Conditioning Parts | NOVEX Electrical Equipment and Supplies | NOVEX LED Lamps | NOVEX Lighting Systems | NOVEX Sanitary Ware | O GENERAL AC Materials | O GENERAL Air Conditioning Parts | OSRAM Electrical Materials | OSRAM Lighting Fixtures | PALISAD Gardening Tools | PALISAD Plumbing Materials | PATTA Fasteners | PATTA Screws | PATTEX Adhesives and Glues | PATTEX Adhesives Sealants | PEGLER AC Materials | PEGLER Air Conditioning Parts | PEGLER Valves | PHILIPS Electrical Equipment and Supplies | PHILIPS Electrical Materials | PITBULL Safety Shoes | PIX V Belts | PIX BELT Belts Automotive and Industrial | RAK Sanitary Ware | RAK Tiles | RAK CERAMICS Civil Materials | RAK CERAMICS Sanitary Ware | RAKCE RAMICS Sanitary Ware | REFRON Air Conditioning Parts | REFRON Refrigerant Gases | RELITE Electrical Equipment and Supplies | RELITE Switches | RICHI Electrical Equipment and Supplies | RR Electrical Equipment and Supplies | RUBY Hand Tools | SALFLEX Electrical Equipment and Supplies | SANWA Sanitary Ware | SCHNEIDER Electrical Equipment and Supplies | SCHNEIDER Electrical Materials | SCHNEIDER Electric Products | SCOLEMORE Lighting Fixtures | SELEX Electrical Traders | SELEX Lighting Fixtures | SELPRO Hand Tools | SICHER Electrical Equipment and Supplies | SICHER Electric Equipment | SIEMENS Electrical Equipment and Supplies | SOLITE Batteries | SOLITE BATTERIES Hardware Materials | SOLITE BATTERY Battery | SPARTA Hand Tools | STANLEY Hand Tools | STANLEY Tools | SUNDEX Plumbing Materials | SUPER GENERAL AC Materials | SUPER GENERAL Air Conditioners | SUPER GENERAL Air Conditioning Parts | SWEDCUT Blades | SWEDCUT Hand Tools | TACCTO Hand Tools | TAPARIA Hand Tools | TAPARIA Power Tools | TAPARIA Tools | TECNALCO Air Conditioning Parts | TERRACO Construction Chemicals | TERRACO Paints and Painting Equipments | T MECH Ppr Pipes | TOWER Abrasive | TRIDONIC Sensors | TRUST Silicone | TUF-FIX Fasteners | UKEN Paints and Painting Equipments | UKEN Tools | ULTRATECH Cement | UNICEM Building Materials | URANUS Fire Fighting Equipment | URTY Hand Tools | VAULTEX Hardware Materials | VAULTEX Safety Equipment and Clothing | VAULTEX Safety Items | VETO Electrical Equipment and Supplies | VETO LED Lighting | VICTOR Tools | VINI TAPE Adhesives | VINI TAPE Adhesive Tapes | VTC Fasteners | WEBBER Civil Materials | WEBER Construction Chemicals | WEBER Sealants | WELLO Power Tools | WESTRON Air Conditioning Parts | WESTRON Refrigerant Gases | WORKLAND Safety Equipment and Clothing | WORKMASTER Safety Equipment and Clothing | WURTH Power Tools | YALE Hardware | YALE Hardware Materials | YALE Locks | ZIESAR Sanitary Ware |Read More...
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ABB Electrical Products | ADMORE Electrical Products | ARISTON Sanitary Products | ATLANTIC Sanitary Products | ATLAS Pipes and Fittings | BARTON GI Pipes | BERGER Paints | BOLD Sanitary Ware Products | BOSH Hand Tools | BOSH Power Tools | BR Pipes and Fittings | BULLET Electrical Products | CLARK Hand Tools | CLARK Power Tools | COSMOPLAST Pipes and Fittings | DECODUCT GI Pipes | DEWALT Hand Tools | DEWALT Power Tools | DONG CHENG Hand Tools | DONG CHENG Power tools | DOUBLE-LIN Plumbing Products | DOUBLE-LIN Valves | DUCAB Electrical Cables | ELOFIT HDPE Pipes and Fittings | FOSROC Weather Proof Products | GEMWOOD Plywood | GEWESS Electrical Products | GOWEL Electrical Products | GROHE Sanitary Products | GROHE Tiles | HAGER Electrical Products | JOTUN Paints | KENWEL Electrical Products | LEGRAND Electrical Products | MAPE Tile Glue | MARUCHI GI Pipes | MESC Electrical Cables | MILANO Sanitary Ware Products | MK Electrical Products | NATIONAL Paints | NCI Electrical Cables | OBO Electrical Products | OMAN Electrical Cables | OSRAM LED Lights | PCE Electrical Products | PEGLER Plumbing Products | PEGLER Valves | PHILIPS LED Lights | POLYFAB Pipes and Fittings | RAK KLUDI Sanitary Products | RAK KLUDI Tiles | RAKTHERM Pipes and Fittings | SANITAR Sanitary Ware Products | SAUDI CERAMIC Tiles and Water Heater | SCHNEIDER Electrical Products | Stanley Hand Tools | STANLEY Power Tools | TEGA HDPE Pipes and Fittings | TOTAL Hand Tools | TOTAL Power Tools | UYUS Hand Tools | UYUS Power Tools | WEBER Weather Proof Products | ZENITH Sanitary Products |Read More...
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3M Abrasives | 3M Adhesives | 3M Tapes | ABAC Air Compressor | ABB Circuit Breakers | ATLAS COPCO Air Compressor | BAHCO Pneumatic Tools | BW HONEYWELL Gas Detectors | CABLE DRUM Cable Drum and Jack | COMPAC Garage Equipment | DAISHIN HONDA Generators | DUCAB Cables | ELEMAX HONDA Generators | ESAB Welding Machine | EUROBOOR Magnetic Drilling Machine | FIAC Air Compressor | FINDER Relays | FLUKE Testing and Measuring Instruments | FORCE Hand Tools | FUJI DELUXE Generators | FUJI YANMAR Generators | GENIE Aerial Work Platforms and Personnel Lifts | GENTLIN Air Compressor | HELVI ITALY Welding Machine | HIOKI Testing and Measuring Instruments | HONDA Generators | HONDA Water Pumps | INVERTEK VFD | KARCHER Pressure Washers | KHERAJ Sirens | KLINGSPOR GERMANY Abrasives | LINCOLN Welding Machine | MACSTROC Magnetic Drilling Machine | MAGLITE Rechargeable Flashlight | MAGTRON Magnetic Drilling Machine | MAK Generators | MAKITA Power Tools | MEGA Hydraulic Equipment | MICHELIN Pressure Washers | MILLER Welding Machine | MOEL Insect Killers | MOVE IT HOLLAND Lifting Magnet | NEMA Pressure Vessels | NITON XRF Analyzers | OMRON Timers | ORION Jewellery Welding Machine | PRESTAR Platform Trolleys | SCHNEIDER Circuit Breakers | STANLEY Pressure Washers | SUMO JAPAN Platform Trolleys | SUPERASIA Industrial Fans | SYMPHONY Evaporative Air Coolers | TELWIN Welding Machine | VAREM Pressure Vessels | VICTOR Welding and Cutting Equipment | VILEDA Cleaning Products | VIRUTEX Wood Working Machinery and Equipment | WATES Pressure Tanks |Read More...
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ToolsPPESealantsFloor CoatingConstruction Chemicals, Building MaterialsConstruction MaterialsTiles And Marble ContractorsSports FlooringRubber FlooringCarpet FlooringFalse CeilingSelf Adhesive TapesDuct TapesHand ToolsPackaging MaterialsDecorative PaintsSurface PreparationTools and Equipment SuppliersWaterproofing MaterialsLightingAir Movement ProductsPVC ConduitsWater HeatersExhaust FansPerforated Acoustic Gypsum ProductsPolythene RollsFastenersArtificial Turf FlooringGarden ToolsDIY Home ImprovementSpraying EquipmentMasking TapesAluminium TapesBOPP TapesCorrugated RollsPacking MaterialsPacking TapesBubble RollGypsum BoardsPower ToolsConcrete Repairs and RestorationBuilding Material SuppliersProtective CoatingEpoxy Coating And Protective CoatingCoatingsSanitizerHand SanitizersSanitizer SpraySpray EquipmentAdhesivesRenovation CompaniesAdhesive TapesArtificial MarbleBuilding Maintenance-Repairs and RestorationCivil Engineering ContractorsConcrete FlooringDecorFacilities ManagementFitoutsGrouting ContractorsHardwareLandscape Architects and ContractorsLighting Fixtures SuppliersNatural StonesPainters and Painting ContractorsPainting and Coating EquipmentSwimming Pool Contractors-Installation and MaintenanceTilesWallpapers And WallcoveringsWaterproofing ContractorsRead More...


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ToolsRigging HardwareFastenersAnchor BoltsClampsBolts and Nuts
Logo for  Power Building Materials - Tools Suppliers in UAE
M-9, MussafahAbu Dhabi, UAE 47703
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Shop 14, Mouza Bint Building, Near Downtown Hotel, Murshid Bazar, Sabkha Street, DeiraDubai, UAE 27529
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Plot 3/4, M 39, MussafahAbu Dhabi, UAE 8103
About Tools

Tools in UAE

Tools are used in various professions in a wide variety of occupations. A few of the tools that are used in a domestic environment are drillers, screwdrivers, wrenches, clamps, pliers and hammers. A hand tool is any tool that is not a power tool – that is, one powered by hand (manual labor) rather than by an engine. Some examples of hand tools are garden forks, secateurs, rakes, hammers, spanners, pliers, screwdrivers and chisels. Hand tools are generally less dangerous than power tools. A machine tool is a machine for molding or machining metal or other unbending materials, more often than not by cutting, exhausting, crushing, shearing, or different types of misshapening. Machine tools utilize some kind of hardware that does the cutting or molding. All machine devices have some method for obliging the work piece and give a guided development of the parts of the machine. In this manner the relative development between the work piece and the cutting device (which is known as the tool path) is controlled or obliged by the machine to at any rate some degree, instead of being totally "spur of the moment" or "freehand". The exact meaning of the term machine apparatus differs among clients, as talked about beneath. While all machine apparatuses are "machines that individuals to make things", not all manufacturing plant machines are machine instruments. Today machine instruments are commonly controlled other than by human muscle (e.g., electrically, using pressurized water, or by means of line shaft), used to make produced parts (segments) in different ways that incorporate cutting or certain different sorts of twisting. With their natural exactness, machine devices empowered the temperate generation of compatible parts. A garden tool is any of numerous instruments made for gardening, greenhouses and planting and covers with the scope of devices made for agribusiness and cultivation. Garden devices can likewise be hand apparatuses and power instruments.

Tools in UAE

Tools are essential to run any business at the largest capacity. Construction, home improvement, maintenance and cleaning sectors rely on tools. There are many types of tools available in the market. Some of them include corded power tools, cordless power tools, hand tools, gardening tools, machinery tools and pneumatic tools. Here are the tool suppliers, dealers and distributors in the UAE. They also supply a range of tool sets and tool kit boxes for automotive workshops, the construction industry, the civil industry, the marine industry, and the oil &field.

Corded Power Tools

Corded power tools are suitable for both industrial and DIY professionals. Listed suppliers stocks a vast range of corded power tools at the best price in the UAE. Corded power tools have a continuous power supply, so they never run out of power. They have higher durability with high power output. Milwaukee, Makita, Dewalt and 3M are some of the leading brands of corded power tools suppliers in the market.

Air Tools
Circular Saws
Polishers and Sanders
Impact Wrenches
Heat Guns
Cutter and Saws
Hedge Trimmers
Wall Chasers
Sharpening Tools
Routers and accessories

Cordless Power Tools

Cordless power tools operate with a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries can hold power for a long time. They are light, portable and easy to store. A compact and handy screwdriver is easy to use, store and move. Cordless power tools are simple to operate. Top brands offer right mix of tools trades and applications that performs operations like drilling, cutting, lighting and demolition. Black & Decker provides lightweight cordless tool kits with maximum torque indication and adjustment. LED lights attached to it gives better vision in the low-light working area.

Cordless Angle Grinders
Cordless Nail Guns
Cordless Screwdrivers
Cordless Dust Extractors and Cleaners
Cordless Oscillating MultiTools
Cordless Batteries and Charges
Cordless Biscuit Jointers
Cordless Drills, Drivers & Screwdrivers
Cordless Saws
Cordless Routes
Cordless Site Radios and Speakers

Plumbing Supplies

Plumbing involves pipes and demands a wide range of tools to handle the plumbing work. The right tool carries out the plumbing correction job efficiently. Listed suppliers provide adjustable wrenches, pipe wrenches, torque wrenches, adjustable keys, faucet keys, pipe benders, metal cutter, hack saw, plungers and press fitting systems.

Electrical Supplies

Electricians, networking specialists, and line assembly workers use electrical hand tools and data tools. They install and repair wires, cables that include electrical wires that run underground, fibre cables and many more. They use wire strippers, cable strippers, insulation jackets, coatings, cable ties, etc.

Power Tools Accessories

Power tools are in use for every industry and residential and commercial places. Power tools and accessories and power tool kits are supplied by the listed tool suppliers in UAE.

Hand Tools in UAE

Hand tools encompass a variety of manual instruments, from spanners, wrenches, and screwdrivers to pliers, chisels, knives, saws, and comprehensive tool kits. We feature top hand tool suppliers in the UAE, offering indispensable tools. These tools are pivotal for sectors like automotive, engineering, construction and other DIY electrical tasks. They serve multiple industries and are crucial for assembly, repair, and maintenance.

Essential Safety Tools for Business - Digging and loading

Spades and shovels are favoured hand tools, perfect for excavation and removal tasks. There's a diverse range of these tools available. The YD design offers a more ergonomic grip compared to the T style. The handle and the fastener are designed for smooth and efficient task handling. A spade with a threaded design stands out as a prime tool for digging. Square Trenching shovels excel at relocating loose sand, while Round Trenching or Dyking Spades are optimal for extracting compacted gravel. For clay digging, the clay spade is the go-to choice.

Stanley Handtools - Trusted Quality & durability

Stanley is a renowned brand that provides a diverse range of hand tools, known for their inventive design and exceptional performance. Professionals in construction, automation, and renovation frequently rely on Stanley hand tools to meet their needs. Some of the standout Stanley tools include double open-ended spanner sets, ring and combination spanner sets, cushion grip screwdrivers, soldering irons, riveters, torque wrenches, mechanics' tools, unique tools, measuring tapes, utility knives, blades, hammers, hand saws, chisels, and punches.

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