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Flanges in UAE

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About Flanges

Flanges in UAE

Flanges in UAE refer to forged or cast ring of steel that are especially designed to connect sections of pipe to a pressure vessel, pump or any other integral flanges assembly. Take a look at the six different types of flanges that you can avail from a dealer. These are slip-on or hubbed flange, threaded flange, lap joint or loose flange, welding neck flange, bulk head flange and blind flange. hubbed flange is thinner than other flanges, strong and cost-effective. Threaded flange can be attached without welding and great for small pipes and highly combustible areas. Welding Neck Flange is used for high-pressure applications. Bulk Head Flange is designed for maritime industry use on ships.

Flanges and Flanges Suppliers in UAE

Flanges are disc-like tubular products made of aluminium, bronze, copper, bronze and nickel. They fasten the pipe structures within the piping framework. They keep them safe and secure altogether. Listed here are the top flanges suppliers and distributors in UAE. There are multiple types of flanges available to meet specific industry needs.

Weld Neck Flanges

Ideal for critical high-pressure industrial applications
Used in X-ray radiography
Easy to dismantle and maintain
Circumferentially welded at their necks
Bores of the pipes and weld match without creating turbulence or disturbance

Slip On Flanges

Used in low-pressure applications
Commonly used by water treatment, chemical processing and the food or beverage industry
Easy to clean and maintain
Ideal for small-diameter pipes

Blind Flanges

Used to seal the end of the piping system
Safe to isolate a section of the piping system
Made up of carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, brass and copper

Socket Weld Flanges

Socket weld flanges are for nominal pipe sizes which are less than 4 inches and 10cm
They are attached by inserting the pipe into the socket and applying a fillet weld around the top
They extensively minimise the risk of leakage
They have higher fatigue strength compared to the other flange types

Screwed or Threaded Flanges

They can be fitted for pipes of different sizes without welding
They give a secure connection between two pieces of pipe
Contains self-sealing options

Ring Type Flanges

They withstand extreme high-temperature conditions
Meet industry standards such as ASME B16.5 or API 6A
Can be customised for specific industrial applications

Custom flanges for specific industrial applications

Listed suppliers can work closely with companies to understand their specific needs. They can provide customised material and size options with multiple dimensions. Stainless Steel Threaded / Screwed Flanges : ASTM A 182, A 240 F 304, 304L, 304H, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 310, 310S, 321, 321H, 317, 347, 347H, 904L

Duplex & Super Duplex Steel Threaded / Screwed Flanges : ASTM / ASME A/SA 182 F 44, F 45, F51, F 53, F 55, F 60, F 61

Carbon Steel Threaded / Screwed Flanges : ASTM / ASME A/SA 105 ASTM / ASME A 350 , ASTM A 181 LF 2 / A516 Gr.70 A36, A694 F42, F46, F52, F60, F65, F706 Alloy Steel Threaded / Screwed Flanges : ASTM / ASME A/SA 182 & A 387 F1, F5, F9, F11, F12, F22, F91

Copper Alloy Steel Threaded / Screwed Flanges: ASTM SB 61, SB62, SB151, SB152 UNS No. C 70600 (Cu-Ni90/10), C 71500 (Cu-Ni 70/30), UNS No. C 10100, 10200, 10300, 10800, 12000, 12200

Nickel Alloy Threaded / Screwed Flanges : ASTM SB564, SB160, SB472, SB162 Nickel 200 (UNS No. N02200), Nickel 201 (UNS No. N02201), Monel 400 (UNS No. N04400), Monel 500 (UNS No. N05500), Inconel 800 (UNS No. N08800), Inconel 825 (UNS No. N08825), Inconel 600 (UNS No. N06600), Inconel 625 (UNS No. N06625), Inconel 601 (UNS No. N06601), Hastelloy C 276 (UNS No.N10276), Alloy 20 (UNS No. N08020)

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