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B3, Industrial Area 13Sharjah150430

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Quality Metal Industries LLC is a Sharjah-based metal fabrication organization offers a wide range of structural items to the construction business. Situated in Industrial area No.13, Sharjah, UAE since 2019.

 Quality Metal Industries LLC is a client oriented organization, keeping up with outstandingly top notch guidelines, consequently guaranteeing that client partakes in the advantages of unique and innovative design solutions that add value to their products and endeavors, besides cost saving.

 The organization is supported by very capable, profoundly experienced and committed staff also its novel make plans, great workmanship and faultless record.

Quality metal offers contract administrations for planning, designing creation and establishment of interior ornaments, staircase balustrades, handrails, furniture, doors, windows, canopies, signs, logos calligraphy, domes, fences, gates, architectural panels, column cladding, curtain walls, custom made table tops, architectural stainless steel, metal works, shop fronts, automatic and revolving doors, stainless steel and aluminum cladding etc. All products are designed and made to the same uncompromising high quality, both in terms of material used and workmanship.

Quality metal industries LLC has their fully equipped manufacturing facility in Sharjah and technical personals are available on call, which enables reduction in downtime at sites. we have Laser jet cutting, Waterjet cutting facilities.